-to beat with a rod or whip.
-to criticize.
I've got half a mind to flog you, punk!
by Doric March 16, 2009
The act of taking a motor vehicle through Lanark County backrounds covered with so much snow you have to spin the tires the whole way down the road, usually while under the influence of your drugs of choice.
" These backrounds are fucked, theres too much snow so I think it's best to just flog her"

"You remember when we were flogging your Cutlass Anderson side road piss drunk last night?"
by John D. Pigeon February 06, 2008
Fake blog, a website pretending to be a blog but actually the creation of public relations firms, the mainstream media, or professional political operatives.
Talon News was a "fake blog", created to attempt to grab the focus from real blogs and insert government spin into the online community.
by RandyTrevor February 25, 2005
To push a car beyond its limits, usually damaging it in the process.
Whoa that dude likes to flog his car
by james April 08, 2004
to give fellatio
I walked past the car, and she was flogging him in the backseat.
by CDS318 November 07, 2010
A log on facebook. A person's writings and scripts contained on facebook that others start to follow.
I read my friend's flog on how to plant a garden.
by Deaf Freelancer March 07, 2010
A "F"orum "LOG". A type of blog that deals exclusively or mostly with commenting on "forum" posts rather than various websites or original writing as in a journal or diary. A flog is to forums what a blog is to websites.
"Those forums are worth flogging". "Would you mind if I flogged you?". "I'm a forum logger-- a flogger". "I flog, therefore I am".
by Phil Ossifur September 03, 2006

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