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13 definitions by Karlito

An excellent phrase for an overweight person
by Karlito April 20, 2003
220 66
Trying to draw a smile on a woman's face by twiddling both nipples
by Karlito April 20, 2003
216 80
The ability to get home after a night out on the booze and not remember it
i.e. "I don't remember getting home last night, I must have caught the
beer scooter".
by Karlito April 20, 2003
63 12
A vigorous masturbating session.
by Karlito April 20, 2003
31 4
The hardest nintendo game ever made. Probably the hardest video game period.
Abadox is responsible for strong feelings of inadequacy in my life

Saying that you beat the game Abadox makes you a liar
by Karlito May 28, 2006
11 3