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A term derived from an ancient torture method "Flogging" in which the torturee is whipped. When an item is "Flogged" it is Sold quickly or Pawned off ; If you "flogged" a dvd you sold it to a friend or relative cheaply and quickly, the dvd was "flogged"
I flogged that DVD Player I jacked to my bitch for 20 squid.
by Strife February 23, 2005
A style invented by the one and only Agility it's basically hardcore with some swear words added.
Dude, that Fuckcore tune is fucking sweet!
by Strife November 22, 2004
Another style invented by Mr Agility
Hiphop with slidey noises added in and a random summer feel.
Holy shit dude, I fucking love Slutcore! Play that tune once more my selektahh
by Strife November 22, 2004
The grandmaster pimp daddy of cheese and all things cheddary. Loves to invent new styles of music such as "Slutcore" and "FuckYouCore."
Dude, Agility is such a fucking cheeser, let's listen to some slutcore!
by Strife November 22, 2004
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