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An Old Englishman nown as TOGWT.
Who is that guy? Oh that's TOGWT...The Old Grey Whistle Tester!
by Jagdaug February 11, 2005
Pronunciation: (mäf)

1. of or relating to the elemental practices of counting or measuring.
Someone may say: Yo, I can't hang cuz I got to do my maf homework.

see: Mafamotician
by JagDaug January 29, 2005

1. A person skilled or proficient in the practice of counting or measuring.

2. A professional that practices the art of maf.
student may say: When I'm groanup, I'm gonna be a mafamotician!

See: Maf
by JagDaug January 29, 2005
ma·hog·a·ny bow·ler

1.noun. of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire between two men.
See: Pickle Smoker, dirt track rider or Poop miner
by JagDaug January 27, 2005
1. The act of soaking or cleansing the body with water and soap.
If someone were to say...Hey Some'um smells in here!!!

Answer: No! it's not me I took me a Baf!
by JagDaug January 27, 2005
1. A lower surface of a room that supports humans, pets, sofas and projection TV's
When asked... What's yo Flo?

Answer: Ma Flo's linoleum!
by JagDaug January 27, 2005
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