An 'imaginary' friend who you miss but don't want to forget. Usually she but to some it could be a he.
boy asks wheather he can use the empty chair next to you.
you reply with "no flo is sitting there"


In the car going to your friends house:
"shit mum, flo. shes coming too, i was supposed to pick her up"
mum does not question flo and replies with:
"oooh no, do you want me to go back?"
by jessica0106 February 23, 2009
Top Definition
a highly intelligent, amazing and beautiful specimen of the human race. loved by all, hated by none
ahhhhh mate that girl is flo!
by sarah12345 February 20, 2007
The progressive girl who always hooks it up cause she got it like that.
O shit, there go FLO
by Baboonish1 June 04, 2014
The floor. Typically a floor in the hood or in jail.
Dat man shitted on da flo!
by DJ Jew Beats1 February 16, 2010
It is an acronym for Fuckin' Lop of Shit
You are nothing more than a FLOS.
by Nivek D. May 31, 2007
get on tha fl'o biotch.
by wes August 08, 2003
A word used to describe the most beautiful girl you know she is intelligent, funny, amazing and absolutly radiant.
My friend Melissa is flo.
by Schumms October 03, 2009
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