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A word used to describe the most beautiful girl you know she is intelligent, funny, amazing and absolutly radiant.
My friend Melissa is flo.
by Schumms October 03, 2009
A nickname for someone lucky enough to be named Taylor. Her perverted mind matches that of any mortal except that of her sensei, Schumms. Sometimes slow to learn but makes up for it with an exellent wit as sharp as a knife. Not shy about talking about sensitive subjects such as masterbation and such. An excellent friend and born with pure awesumness in her veins shes basically just like another guy except for well you know the boobs and the pussy.
Matt: Dude Talore just burned you hardcore.

Kevin: Ouch, ima guna go cry in the corner...

Talore: YOU JUST GOT SERVED!!!!!!!

Schumms: Grasshoppa learned well.
by Schumms March 30, 2011
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