a person who gets money for another person. much in a way that a ho would.
Sean- man where you gettin' all the change
Curtis- my flipper hooked me up yesterday
Sean- the one who works in the red light district?
Curtis- yea
by cRAcK poT May 01, 2005
a man who can eat a girl's kitty cat very well....
Are u flipper, if so let's head to my place.
by Venice January 04, 2003
the oversized upper arms of highly overweight women, usually highly visible during summer when these women wear sleeveless shirts.
Ugh, look at the flippers on that heffer.
by Scoats May 10, 2003
The female sex organ. vagina pussy
I haven't gotten any flipper in a while.
by gary December 28, 2003
Some one who buys a reptile with the intent to resell it.
Billy is such a flipper, he bought that ball python with a plan to sell it to jim.
by TokayGirl January 31, 2015
Someone with a excessive amount of toes on either foot. It also helps then swim as fast as flipper the dolphin.
Jesus look at lee's 8 toes. I bet he can swim as fast as flipper
by flipper1984 October 09, 2014

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