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a nickname for hot guys, specifically skaters, with long, shaggy hair that they constantly have to "flip" out of their face by tossing their heads
Did you see flip today? He was looking ill sonnnnnn

Check out the new kid. He's such a flip.
by cfrrmj February 19, 2007
In car terms....To add higher performance parts to an already good modeled car
I got a expedtion/
but i cant flip it/
i cant flip the expedtion cuz i fucked up the transmission/
by Jay_Boston July 01, 2005
to get someone jumped or to jump someone
yo son imma flip you
yo son imma get u flipped
by soraya etienne August 15, 2008
A true G. Also a mad flirt. He will play and lead on as many girls as possible.
Flip hit's on everything that moves!
by broseph coolio January 27, 2008
The flip: act of flipping a mans chest and/or boob with the index and middle finger in a upwards and gentle manner.
To flip: I saw Josh Dugue today and I greeted him with a
by Zach Ellis September 27, 2007
Alternative to fuck and feck, generally for use in the presence of clergy.
Shut your flipping mouth!

Oh flip, I said feck!
by Darth Ridley March 08, 2007
Used as a single expression. A word used as a code to indicate that a hot/cute/sexy person is around. Can be used as an adjective,or noun.
"Wheres the flip?"
by dai dai March 16, 2005