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The act of messing something up so bad to the point that it can never be fixed, such as a measurement, relationship, etc.
Awww fuck... I flintstoned it.
by Rock_You October 24, 2007
1 15
Tongue piercing with a barbell.
Suzy: I'm going to have to eat pudding for a few days. I'm getting a flintstone tonight.

Bob: Yeah, you and everybody else. Your tongue's going to swell up like a tennis ball.
by Lane August 03, 2004
5 21
Uncommon slang term for the word nigger. Taken from the joke, "What would you call the Flintstones if they were black?...niggers."
1. What's up Flintstone?

2. I was driving on the freeway when this Flintstone in an Escalade cut me off.
by Michael Richards December 16, 2006
17 35