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The act of moving your desk with your feet, without getting out of it.
Eva: I'm too close to the door, can you flintstone over please?

Tashina: Sure thing and while I'm flintstoning, I can pick up the pen you dropped
by EvaF September 29, 2007
The 'you' pertaining to everyone in general, usually paired with a suggestion.
Such as "you should always dress better than the rest"
George: You should always have 3 helpings of vegetable a day
Lenard: Me? why me?
George: No Len, not you 'YOU', i was merely using the universal you.
by EvaF February 19, 2008
1) A single onomatopoeic word used to express desire to procrastinate and ignore any relevant work that is looming in distance; derived from Korean origin.

2) verb. a transformed version of 1), to ignore or avoid any person, object or schoolwork that is starting to bug u
Kimchi: Ugh we have to finish our History internal assessment paper
Eva: Nyeh-nyeh, lets go have coffee and play some guitar hero

Kimchi: you mean we are just going to nyeh-nyeh it?!
Eva: absolutely, we can do it later. always later.
(10 minutes later)
John: So are we working on that history paper tonight
Eva: No John, we already nyeh-nyehed it
by EvaF March 27, 2008
The act of going to a tropical weekend island called Koh Samet, in Thailand. Famous for its cheap and close proximity to Pattaya and Bangkok. Also known for its backpacker friendly atmosphere.
George: Ray arn't we Samet-ing this weekend?
Ray: Hells yeah bra its the full moon partay
by EvaF March 27, 2008
The act of going to the infamous coffee chain called Starbucks and paying for overpriced lame cups of beverages called "coffee".
BC: Hey Eva, are you Starbucksing tonight?
Eva: No, lets go to Coffee World instead homie.
by EvaF March 27, 2008
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