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5 definitions by EvaF

The act of moving your desk with your feet, without getting out of it.
Eva: I'm too close to the door, can you flintstone over please?

Tashina: Sure thing and while I'm flintstoning, I can pick up the pen you dropped
by EvaF September 29, 2007
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The 'you' pertaining to everyone in general, usually paired with a suggestion.
Such as "you should always dress better than the rest"
George: You should always have 3 helpings of vegetable a day
Lenard: Me? why me?
George: No Len, not you 'YOU', i was merely using the universal you.
by EvaF February 19, 2008
15 3
1) A single onomatopoeic word used to express desire to procrastinate and ignore any relevant work that is looming in distance; derived from Korean origin.

2) verb. a transformed version of 1), to ignore or avoid any person, object or schoolwork that is starting to bug u
Kimchi: Ugh we have to finish our History internal assessment paper
Eva: Nyeh-nyeh, lets go have coffee and play some guitar hero

Kimchi: you mean we are just going to nyeh-nyeh it?!
Eva: absolutely, we can do it later. always later.
(10 minutes later)
John: So are we working on that history paper tonight
Eva: No John, we already nyeh-nyehed it
by EvaF March 27, 2008
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The act of going to a tropical weekend island called Koh Samet, in Thailand. Famous for its cheap and close proximity to Pattaya and Bangkok. Also known for its backpacker friendly atmosphere.
George: Ray arn't we Samet-ing this weekend?
Ray: Hells yeah bra its the full moon partay
by EvaF March 27, 2008
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The act of going to the infamous coffee chain called Starbucks and paying for overpriced lame cups of beverages called "coffee".
BC: Hey Eva, are you Starbucksing tonight?
Eva: No, lets go to Coffee World instead homie.
by EvaF March 27, 2008
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