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'the' best friend a girl for. She can listen, give advice, crack a joke tell a story, and most of all, she's always there. Has absolutely NO enemies. Cares for 'everything.' Also known to be a great girlfriend, daughter, and student. If you're lucky enough to get a Tashina, make sure she knows too.
Hey, last night Robbie broke up with me and i couldn't stop bawling, but then my friend called and comforted me. She's such a Tashina.
by Christina Bequette July 06, 2009
An uncommon first name. Often mistaken for a black name. It's origin is Native American and/or Japanese. The meaning of either origin is debatable, and hard to find.
A very rare surname.
My first name is Tashina.
by tashina sinnie June 17, 2007
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