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when you cheat people out of their money. a trick to get peoples money
oooo u got flim flamed by a geezer
by joe john February 10, 2003
Bullshit; A farce; Absolute Nonsense; An untrue statement.
That dudes talkin that flim flam nigga, aint nobody eva slap the taste out a babies mouf...NEVA!
by Mark Eads October 24, 2006
When someone/something is nonsense
"You talk some flim flam!"

man 1 ".... blah blah blah"
man 2 "Quit the flim flam brova"
by Ashaalee May 01, 2010
to be indecisive, to throw an unexpected monkeywrench into a plan, to change one's mind at the drop of a dime.
Man I was supposed to ride with them, but at the last minute they pulled a flim-flam and left me!
by dgtm August 05, 2006
Is used in reference to someone who says they're going to doing something and they don't.
Why did you pull a flim-flam on me, I thought you said you would take one for the team.
by Bruce D. February 20, 2008
An action taken by Carmen Sandiego in the hit TV show, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

Found in the song by acapella sensation Rockapella.
Well she glides around the globe and she'll flimflam every nation,
She's a double-dealing diva with a taste for thievery
by Monday thru Friday August 11, 2006
A little extra weight around the stomach area on a girl. Not enough hanging out to be a true spare tire or muffin top, but noticeable when wearing a tight shirt or dress.
Did Sarah gain some weight recently? You can definitely see some flim-flam when she wears that dress out.
by Wayne in a Cane January 29, 2011

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