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5 definitions by TimmyG

A noun. A place to hang out at.
I've been in the cut waiting for you all day.
by TimmyG March 29, 2005
200 153
A grin given by the grinner to show or perhaps hide an inside thought or observation of their surroundings. The grin is usually obvious and not containable but more likely the grinner does not want to contain the grin therefore getting their point across without speaking. Sometimes you just can't say things with words so don a shit grin instead!
"Every time my boyfriend looks at my ass he dons a shit grin."
by timmyg July 03, 2012
7 0
"pull the flim flam" to take a short cut, to get over on someone
Dat nigga tried pullin the flim flam on me in that dice game
by TimmyG January 28, 2006
24 25
taking a shit
A rapper from Idaho.
I am going to take a massive BROWN EXTACY.
by TimmyG February 25, 2005
6 14
Adjective. Usually used when describing an ugly persons face.
Her body aint that bad, but that face is gutted.
by TimmyG March 29, 2005
15 101