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It is a Fucking Long island Dick. Usually associated and can be compared to a Masshole. An Egocentric lack of intelligence long islander.
"Why is tommy such a jerk."
"Becuase he is a Flid, he is the type of guy to go to your party, drink your beers and steal the cans to collect the nickel."

by Dan the man 84792 March 04, 2008
22 39
Flid is an insult which means "cripple" or physically challenged.The etymology of the word emanates from the term Thalydamide which was a drug used in the 1960's by pregnant women. Later it was discovered that the drug had severe consequences for the child in as much that the arms and legs (especially, but not restricted to) were very deformed.
artist: This is meant to represent... blah ... blah ..blah
three months later
member of public: "That aint no ordinary flid bruv, I reckon right, that is a piktchar devoted to some one in the royal family that we aint heard of cuz they aint too happy about them being fliddy- you know what i is sayin bruv. That is probably like Harry's bruvver who we dont see on telly innit. It has to be cuz they dont make statues of ordinary flids do they"

by Bradley Pitticus April 21, 2006
74 91
A childhood insult, similar in meaning to spaz. Presumably derived from the word thalidomide.
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
107 124
acronym for Fuckin Long Island Dick as quoted by the great Alex Ferraris
Yeah, my roomate listens to nsync and owns every piece of abercrombie shit ever made. He's such a FLID
by jahames April 07, 2004
44 78
Whats a FLID???? a female lid
Person1 : Whats a Flid
Person2 : A Female Lid
by Guppy21 September 26, 2007
2 37
a clear idiot
Jo Wareing
by Ally Barron August 17, 2003
9 45
Silly person.
"I am a Flid" - Matt Lee
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