based on flidish actions i.e licking out a 72 year old or licking out gash. flids can also be know as saul.
"what saul you ate a 72 year old, you flid@
by endless8804 January 13, 2010
a derogatory term for a physically or mentally handicapped person; a retard.

From British slang. Derived from "thalidomide" a drug available 1950s and '60s that caused birth defects.
What a dispicable bloody flid.
by ninjamanz August 08, 2009
Also means a spastic who hangs around on football forums
Seawasp who is also known has the fatsticated flid and was once the toilet cleaner on the isle of wight ferry is a prime example.
by mrs wasp May 30, 2008
Fucking Long Island Douche bag
an ass whole from long island that thinks there hot shit but r usualy a bitch or a stupid fucker is a flid
by jets456 October 31, 2010
An uncoordinated gangly oafish person. Term is usually restricted to a tall, skinny male malco.

"Christ, look at that flids Peter Crouch trying to control the ball".
by MrEnus February 16, 2009
Acronym for Fucking. Long. Island. Dick. Usually a person from long island, He/she is very egocentric and usually well....a dick.
His hair almost poked my eye out with all that gel, his hair has ice picks on the end.

Goddamn Flid
by The show a.k.a Gio March 05, 2008
A temper tantrum. Used widely in the West Midlands in the UK during the 1980s and 1990s to mean someone was having a paddy. Also known as going ballistic, 'having a flid' meant the person was extremely cross. Usually used to refer to parents.
My mum found my cigarettes and had a total flid.
by EmmaH January 29, 2008

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