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An insult usually meaning spacker, thick, incapable or physically challenged.

Shortened term of Thalidomide, a German-invented drug which was used in the 1950's and 1960's across Europe to tame the side effects of pregnancy. It caused birth defects in new borns who's mother had used the drug.

The ban has now been lifted on Thalidomide as it is believed to cure a rare form of leprosy and is currently being tested for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
"Haha, what a flid!"
by Ritchie April 30, 2004
A widely used insult in England, i dont know about America its probably there too. It is quite an extreme insult, most people dont like it (obviously), means spasticated or retarded.
It comes from the German drug that was used in the 60's to help calm the side effects of pregnancy, but sometimes caused physical abnormalities in the baby. A flid is actually originally a person with no arms and legs.
You run like a flid!
Ahhh flid! oh wait you have arms and legs..
by Will B April 26, 2005
abbreviation for Fuckin' Long Island Douchebag.
Things that all Flids know:
1) Northeastern America is a suburb of New York City.
2) The rest of America consists of a couple of farms and the OC (which they know from their favorite show)
3) Dave Matthews totally sold out 3 years ago, John Mayer is like way better.
4) The fact that the Long Island Sound sucks does not stop these people from trudging across the snow in sandals in the winter.
5) Although they love New York, they have never been to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island except to see a baseball game. Also, they have never traveled to any state that does not rhyme with Jew Nersey or Konnektikut.
6) Hat backwards... always.
7) They came out of their mom's womb wearing a pink polo shirt, collars popped, and wearing a diaper made by Ambercrombie and Finch.
yo, check out those flids trying to pick up those skanks with the skirt and Uggz
by Dan Marino July 11, 2005
A person with no arms and legs. Just a body and a head.
Jack: Suck my dick

Daniel: Can't. I'm a flid.
by Kova March 03, 2012
F*cking Long Island D*ck

A preppy, pretentious a$$ hole. Someone who talks about Lacrosse-Soccer and Hacky Sack.

A person, who wears Pastel Colored shirts, has a ton of plaid clothing and yet always has sloppy looking hair.

A person at a bar who checks the LIRR Train schedule constantly, as if it is going to change.
Duke University is full of F.L.I.D

Dorian’s on the Upper East Side is the home of the F.L.I.D

"Look at that Frat guy pissing on that persons car, What an A$$hole. 200% he is from Long Island"

"Yea, I hate F.L.I.Ds they ruin everything.
by GwynneTastic February 11, 2010
Fucking Long Island Douche bag
an ass whole from long island that thinks there hot shit but r usualy a bitch or a stupid fucker is a flid
by jets456 October 31, 2010
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