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3 definitions by Ritchie

An insult usually meaning spacker, thick, incapable or physically challenged.

Shortened term of Thalidomide, a German-invented drug which was used in the 1950's and 1960's across Europe to tame the side effects of pregnancy. It caused birth defects in new borns who's mother had used the drug.

The ban has now been lifted on Thalidomide as it is believed to cure a rare form of leprosy and is currently being tested for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
"Haha, what a flid!"
by Ritchie April 30, 2004
478 236
To excrete without leaving a trace in your anal area; continuing to wipe but failing to find any traces of shit. Believed to occur when a turd is released at a rate of knots. The most economic and fulfilling shits ever.

Varients: Ghost shit, phantom shit.
"I just had a magic shit"
"What's a magic shit?"
"I didn't have to wipe, it came out so fast!".
by Ritchie May 01, 2004
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To be beaten at something in such a way that you are completely humilated by ur opponent.
can also be used as a substitute for 'drunk'
winner: i just rinsed u on tekken tag
looser: yes, but i am rinsed and cant see the TV
by Ritchie May 22, 2003
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