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EXCELLENT Sega Genesis game, not a Sega Saturn game. This game has tons of replay value and is just so damn fun! You are a Flicky bird who must save his chicks while avoiding Tigers, not foxes! Get your inormation straight. And the game kicks ass!
Flicky is a uncommonly known treasure in the catalogue of classic Sega games.
by Beautiful Scars May 15, 2005
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A pen Knife
Usuall used as a weapon of harm and Used by roadmen
"we bout to do dis ting yeah. you man bring your flicky, rambos and straps yeah"
#rambo #flicky #strap #weapon #roadman
by multicolouredrainbow October 15, 2014
someone who grinds alot or moves around when they makeout, usually when they're lying down but sometimes sitting up. some people find they like this others dont.
" ye the bed was squeaking when we were hooking up co shes flicky"
#movy #shaky #grindy #makeout #squeaker
by Annaisamazing September 17, 2011
Whoever wrote the previous definition needs to get HIS facts straight. Flicky was originally an arcade game that came out back in "nineteen hundred, and eighty-four" (that's "1984") to you. It later got PORTED to the Mega Drive (as the Japanese and Europeans call it). See, Flicky existed WAAAAAY before that blue "Sonic" fellow. You're not "a" flicky, you are THE Flicky; the original eponymous (pronounced eh-PAHN-a-mus) character who has to rescue her chicks (and I mean the actual bird kind!) called Chirps (or "Piopio" for you Japanese folk) from a cat named Nyan-Nyan (that's "Tiger" to you "yanks"), and an iguana named Choro ("Iggy").

You with me so far? Good.

You clear levels by getting all the Chirps to the exit door (kinda like Sonic 3D Blast only...2D). Simple, no? Too bad you gotta worry about the Tiger's and the Iggy's, AND if you take one hit, you're out. Simple, yet complex.
I bet I'm the only one who's ever heard that Flicky was originally an arcade game from the 80's. This game is like, so totally radical to the max! It's teh r0x0rz in my s0x0rz.
#flicky #fliky #flikie #sonic #blue
by Map-Man December 27, 2006
1. Stupid Sega Saturn game, in which you are a big blue chicken that must save all the little, yellow chickens while you avoid some foxes :roll:

2. As a result: Synonym of stupid
- What a flicky TV show!
- Yeah, LOL.

- bendnoandbfe!!! arf! arf! arf! huhuhuhullulullu!!
- Stop acting so flicky, poser!
by ^Sparco^ April 03, 2005
1. Underage prostitute or extra-marital affair.

2. A small blue bird summoned by 14 Chaos emeralds (Sonic The Hedgehog 3)
1. We should turn that guy in for having a flicky
by Zupertails August 27, 2004
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