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9 definitions by ^Sparco^

Where everyone would like to live forever
- Oh man, lets go to the beach and meet some girls.
- Ok, there are always hot girls in bikini in the beach
by ^Sparco^ March 06, 2005
446 158
The essence of life.
It is the major element in human body (65%)
- he gimme the bottle of water
- nah, this is MY water. I love water.
by ^Sparco^ March 06, 2005
443 326
The best videogame ever
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia 2 - The shadow and the flame
Prince of Persia 3D

PoP - The Sands of Time
PoP-II - Warriors soul
by ^Sparco^ March 06, 2005
149 39
It is the best site in the net about the Need For Speed game series.
It is ruled by a red alien.
by ^Sparco^ January 28, 2005
48 7
(n) In competitions, the act of voting low other's entries for the purpose of improving oneself's entry.
opp: Upvoting (see)

(v) to downvote
Hey you have downvoted me!
You are a downvoter!
Stop downvoting!
by ^Sparco^ January 28, 2005
55 22
Ali G language, or similars :D
Ali G in DA house
Wazza mazza fackaaa
by ^Sparco^ February 04, 2005
22 37
The Skyline killer: oh yeah!
vrom vroooooooooooom vroom
by ^Sparco^ March 06, 2005
65 113