to change suming's position, to either an upright stance or to get it away from u.
I'll flip da bird at dat kid if he keeps grillin me. Or, flick day dead skin off u.
by bayode fashemi May 17, 2003
A type of film, mostly. a martial arts film, or a porn.

and it it's a porn... it goes great with some k-y jelly

u nasty think you
hey,you seen that new jet-li flick?

hey let's roll to block buster.

naw man. i just bought this new flick and im going to check it out....alone
by adrian November 28, 2003
Middle finger
by ARK August 07, 2003
A flick is a naked photo, or a recording of a sexual activity. Commonly made with cell phones and video cameras.
TONY: Send me some flicks. MANDA: Of what? TONY: Your ass and your tities. Im too far away and i need to get one off.
#porn #booty #amateur #freak #horny
by BROTHABOOF April 10, 2009
It's the word flick but in capitals so it looks like FUCK. It's a good way to bypass cuss filters without saying something like fuk or
person1: How can I bypass filters when I say fuck?
person2: say flick in capitals
#fuck #filter bypass #cuss #swear
by quinton chan September 02, 2007
you stupid fuckerz a flick iz a porno
"where is tha movie, what movie, the flick nigga"
by deeboi August 05, 2005
or in other words absoloutley great. tougher than a black guys dick. HOLY SHIT MY DOOOD as you can see this word has many definitions
jake:yo!roman why are you so mothafuckin FLICK

ROMAN:dood why thanks jake i know im really damn strong and can beat up anybody in the planet but i didnt know i was so tough and bad ass to be FLICK thanks your areal pal!

jake:anytime broheem anytime
#broheem #didlee #sex #police #ass #nigger #nigga #cracker #john mayer #high #grapeworld #dick #fuck
by roman merrell March 17, 2008
A less offensive word to replace a widely used swear word starting with the same letter. Used because of it's similarity to the word when written in block capitals.
Hey! Flick you man!
You're a flickin motherflicker!
What the flick did you just call me?!
This girl was the best/worst flick I'd ever had!
by ravenhiss September 13, 2003
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