A man who plays with one of his best friends balls by flicking each other and enjoying it.
Yeah idk if this is weird or not but when i was like 7-8, me and my friend used to flick eachothers penis'

Yeah bro definately weird.
by ZBRS April 06, 2009
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A flick is a naked photo, or a recording of a sexual activity. Commonly made with cell phones and video cameras.
TONY: Send me some flicks. MANDA: Of what? TONY: Your ass and your tities. Im too far away and i need to get one off.
by BROTHABOOF April 10, 2009
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A bullshit shot that someone pulls out of their ass. It requires no skill and makes no sense, but it hits.
Person 1: Did you like that flick?
Person 2: No it was lucky bullshit.
by Tomdizzy July 17, 2015
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