verb. "to flick," as in to rent from the 'Netflix' corporation; similar usage as "Google" as in "to Google one's name."
I flicked "War Tapes" to show my juniors while we're reading "The Things They Carried."

"Soldiers of Conscience" is not flickable.
by arioux April 09, 2009
to flick one's shoulder, usually receptively back and forth between two people.
Girl: we definitely flicked last night
Guy: shit.. i don't even remember.
by ephenshtay January 10, 2008
So tough, that you piss your own panties. Omigawdz.
Dude, that put was fucking FLICK.
by Shira and Ryne December 01, 2005
A man who plays with one of his best friends balls by flicking each other and enjoying it.
Yeah idk if this is weird or not but when i was like 7-8, me and my friend used to flick eachothers penis'

Yeah bro definately weird.
by ZBRS April 06, 2009
to suck up to a professor, ask multiple questions after class, and to attend numerous receptions where there is no one under the age of 50 present
After asking many questions during class, she still felt the need to flick the professor after class.
by lawyer March 30, 2006
to e a flick is to be an asian cock sucker
" you flickin him " your suckin his cock becasue he's asian
" your bein a total flick " your eign a total asian cock sucker
by jubba March 07, 2005
Ben Cullum's wife, member of the JCAC
Let's marry Ben and Flick and get two kids.
by Flick January 31, 2005

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