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Extremely erotic way of douches sending descriptive paragraph's of their muscles via social sites.
Susan: John, why the heck did you tell me about how your muscles gave Mart a boner on Facebook?

John: Shut up whore! I was flexting.
by Zombieness May 14, 2011
A new texting craze where you send pix messages of your self flexing to your friends! Similar to sexting where you send dirty pictures of yourself.
Friend 1: Dude Natalie just flexted me!
Friend 2: Her muscles are HUGE!
Friend 1: she is sooo good at flexting!
by Super Sara-Anne February 05, 2010
flirting via text message
We started out flexting each other before we started sexting.
by scarfish April 14, 2010
The act of flirting within a text message.

To flext (verb)
Flexting (infinitive form)
A flext (noun)
We were totally flexting last night. I mean, he used a winky face emodicon. Can he be more forward?!
by Iggle Bear April 19, 2011
simply put, flexing ones arms while texting to somehow impress others.
"McGonnogal was flexting at the party last night, I think he was trying to impress his GF."
by Ralph Littlefield III July 14, 2009
to flirt through texting.
tiffany: i was totally flexting with this extreamly hott kid today.

rachel: dude gimme his number.
by rachel n August 26, 2007
verb: to flex while texting at the gym, often committed by people of the toolbag nature while hogging equipment that people are usually waiting for.
I was waiting for this bench and this asshole wouldn't stop flexting.
by JosePheden September 29, 2010