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a flirtatious text message

the G-rated little brother to the sext
Awhit, seriously, your boy's been flexting me all night long.

This guy just called me "fetching" over text message - total flext.

Why didn't Brett Farve just send a flext? No pictures, son!
by TheRealAwhit April 21, 2011
a flirtatious wall post on Facebook
Some random friend of Matt's just totally liked all of my bikini pics on flirtbook.
by TheRealAwhit April 21, 2011
A free feel. An awkward or inappropriate touch that bears no consequence due to its innocent (and oftentimes ignorant) nature. A brush of the hand across the body's, ummm... shall we say... private zones.
When she passed me the baby to hold, I accidentally got a freel.

Dude, that was her friend's booty you were grabbing! And nobody's mad? Freel of the century, bro.

I was just going for his car keys when I got a total freel. We both acted like it didn't happen.
by TheRealAwhit April 21, 2011
Boss + Awesome = Bossome

boss: Cool. Awesome. Someone who runs sh@! in his/her hood or city.

awesome: Slang for very impressive.

Bossome marries the two at moments when both of those definitions are incredibly and powerfully true.

Boss + Awesome = Bossome
John Wall on a fast break is 100% bossome.

Aw, sick! Those new kicks are bossome!
by TheRealAwhit April 21, 2011
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