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a flirtatious text message

the G-rated little brother to the sext
Awhit, seriously, your boy's been flexting me all night long.

This guy just called me "fetching" over text message - total flext.

Why didn't Brett Farve just send a flext? No pictures, son!
by TheRealAwhit April 21, 2011
verb; to flirt with someone through text messages.
God, don't give Claire her phone when she's drunk! She'll spend the whole night flexting.
by yeah i am February 15, 2006
Term used when one whom a text message is directed, fails to reply within an appropriate time frame

Note: term derived from combination of the words 'flake' and 'text'
-Dude, I texted her last night for her mailing address and she still hasn't responded.

-Oh man, without a doubt you've been flext!
by crun_inya August 06, 2010
v. To flirt with someone via text messages. It's like safe sexting
n. Flexter
adj. Flexty
"I'm to shy to talk to him in person. How do I get him to like me?" " Flext! It's sorta like safe sexting."
by onlybetx April 05, 2010
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