something boring or tedious
the party was flat so hector streaked through the billiard room.
by CooCooCoo January 17, 2006
Broke, You Have No Money
"Hey can i borrow 2 bucks for a slice of pizza?"
"Na Son Im Flat"
by Ericthemasta November 14, 2007
When ordering chicken wings, requesting only the flat wings. Absolutely no drumsticks.
Man, lemme get some wings but just them flats.
by upsman1023 November 11, 2014
an acronym associated with a female who is flat or small chested:

F orever
L acking
A ny
T its
Dude bail, she's F.L.A.T.
by thecamel33 October 22, 2014
When someone has either smoked marijuana to the point where they feel deflated and the possibility of physical activity is out of the question
When the weeds rank of dank makes you that way. The name comes from the above the influence commercial called "flat".
Other symptoms of being flat include being anti-social
That weed made Emily so flat yesterday, she couldnt even move her arms
by Rammy12 November 04, 2010
1) A peice of land without any hills or valleys.

2) What one might call a girl's chest if she has a little cup size or no boobs at all.

3) A word that is not veiwed as offensive or foul, but can be substituted for any words that are offensive or foul.
1) Charles Ingalls: The prairies are so flat. Myabe I'll build a house here.

2) Drew: Dude, Amy is so flat.
Nick: She's only three years old...

3) Paul: Flat! What the flat is going on here?!
Marie: Just shut the flat up! You would never flatting understand anyway!
Joe: Flat you marie! You flatting flat! I never want to flatting see your flatting face ever flatting again!

Paul: You're such a flat...
by Cha, brahhh. (: June 08, 2010
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