The devil woman's conniving tactic to (re)insert themselves into a man's life via sexual practice on a bro.

Dubbed flashbang because it is comparable to the disorienting nature of a flashbang grenade. One does not see or think clearly for a temporary amount of time after said flashbanging has resulted upon them.

This is often done by a "Ratchet" Ex-girlfriend who doesn't deserve to be with the said bro and shortly afterwords begins to weasel their way back into a comfortable status quo so they can suck all life from the target and all bros (and bras) of said target.
to flashbang :

"Dude, did you hear what happened with Randy and Galinda?"

"We've talked about this bro. Those two names are never to be mentioned in the same sentence."

"Dude, I know, but we have a code black."

"I've never even heard of code black."

"Dude. I know...She flashbanged him!"

"My god!...Whats the status?"

"Kill confirmed. That but fucking whore`s gottem.
by Chaluupa Batman December 11, 2012
Top Definition
a grenade used by special police units that produces a blinding flash

also having sex for a very short time, more commonly known as a "quickie"
by Purpliction April 26, 2003
(Grenade, hand, stun). a less lethal grenade used by US police, as well as special forces the world over. Typically such grenades deliver 9 ear splittingly loud bangs and blinding flashes, which come half a second apart. These grenades stun and have a seriously immobilising effect. (From experience) your head seems uncapable of functioning, you cannot see strait (if at all) and you can hear nothing but ringing. The effects last a considerable time, and leave you with a banging headache. In a situation of use, such grenades would be tossed into a room to "prepare" them for a hostage rescue clearance.
a flashbang is tossed into the room.

B A N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very very very loud, trust me! The occupants of the room are stunned and find themselves unable to do anything.

Then a four man assault team takes any terrorists prisoner or immobilises any firther threat before lining up the hostages for search and check.
by the gray man. June 03, 2006
v. to fuck someone most vigorously and rapidly, as if one were The Flash.

n. a nonincendiary explosive which creates a concussive blast of sound and a temporarily blinding burst of light.
Henry: Ha ha! I got you with my flash bang!
Chris: Oh yea! *bumps into a wall* Well I flash banged your mom last night!
by Aktopus December 06, 2004
"Stun Grenade" or "Flash Grenade" used by law enforcement. Combines a flash of light and a loud noise (imagine that) to startle, immobilize, or stun an enemy as the team makes entry.

It's also the grenade in CS that makes your screen go white for a full second. Desired use is associated with room clearing and pwning the other team, so why are my teammates the only ones who ever seem to use them on me?
I totally flashbanged my team and it won the game.
by An Asshole October 06, 2003
an adventure, escapade, or other opportunity involving an unexpected sexual encounter whether its during a casual hook-up, or within an actual romantic relationship.
son: what is considered rape nowadays?

father: a non consensual, illegal, immoral, amoral, and one sided (in the guy's favor) flash-bang. I don't give a rat's ass whether it's the correct legal definition, that's for the State to decide, but there you go, that's my definition of rape.
by sexydimma August 19, 2012
Once intercourse has ended, the male busts in the females eyes..thus rendering her sight, not being able to see, flashbanging her.
"I flashbanged the hoe after we fucked, she was blind and fell down the stairs"
by MarkHats November 26, 2007
A grenade that blinds you and makes you temperarily deaf. When thrown on rainbow six 3 it is usually followed by " WATCH OUT YOUR EYES "
" Watch out your eyes!"
" Ah FUCK YOU Drewpeacok "
by bob long March 05, 2004

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