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"hungry loookin' niggas" as uncle ruckus said in the garden party episode of the boondocks
we got a code black at the front gate
by dead body disposal December 02, 2008
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A medical emergency term used to tell the staff in the hospital that there is a bomb threat in the building.
According to head nurse there is a code black in the building and we need to evacuate.
by Crys. February 06, 2006
A state of emergency used when yellow cartoon people screw up bad.
Lenny: code black?! That's the worst colour there is!
No offence there Carl
Carl: it's ok I get it all the time
by Jason Donald November 07, 2012
What to text a friend when your in a odd situation ie: like a date not going well. This means your friend calls you in five minutes tell you about a family member about to die
I had to call Josh last night after he sent me a code black on his date last night.
by JWhiteout October 21, 2008
going into a state of panic
bob didn't know what to do, he was code black
by exm1745 March 21, 2008

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