1. ) Sneaky maneuver derived from Call of Duty 4 (flashbang grenade).

Cum in a female's eyes and then swiftly smack her square in the ear. She will experience a flash of white followed by a ringing in the ears - similar to the effects of a flash bang grenade.

2.) pre-ejaculation
-Sarah was asleep in my bed so I burst in and gave her the 'ol flashbang.

-She was giving me head then I finshed with the flashbang.

- I put it in and it was over...it was a total flashbang man...
by CODfish08 April 27, 2009
The sexual act of 3 guys forcing a female to service them at the same time. While one guy sticks it in her mouth, the other two have her jerk them off into her both of her ear holes. All 3 men finish by ejaculating at the same time so that the female's ability to see and hear are inhibited, much like a flashbang.
Person 1-Did you see Jessica last night? That hoe was stumblin around like a damn drunk. It was like she couldn't see or hear anything, like fuckin Hellen Keller!

Person 2-Yea dude, she got flashbanged by a couple of freshmen.
by MoonHulio February 11, 2009
The devil woman's conniving tactic to (re)insert themselves into a man's life via sexual practice on a bro.

Dubbed flashbang because it is comparable to the disorienting nature of a flashbang grenade. One does not see or think clearly for a temporary amount of time after said flashbanging has resulted upon them.

This is often done by a "Ratchet" Ex-girlfriend who doesn't deserve to be with the said bro and shortly afterwords begins to weasel their way back into a comfortable status quo so they can suck all life from the target and all bros (and bras) of said target.
to flashbang :

"Dude, did you hear what happened with Randy and Galinda?"

"We've talked about this bro. Those two names are never to be mentioned in the same sentence."

"Dude, I know, but we have a code black."

"I've never even heard of code black."

"Dude. I know...She flashbanged him!"

"My god!...Whats the status?"

"Kill confirmed. That but fucking whore`s gottem.
by Chaluupa Batman December 11, 2012
1. To fuck a girl really fast in any orpheus.
2. A stun grenade
Kevin flashbang my pussy please.
by GriffeyJR February 26, 2009
When your stupid fatass GUY friend lifts up his shirt to show his boobs.
Mason flashbanged us at lunch today.
by Revzzzz March 05, 2015
When you masturbate in another room till you almost cum. You then call your girlfriend or wife into the room. Upon her entrance, you cum in her eyes, thus blinding her. Once done with that, you slap your dick on her ears, thus deafening her.
Guy 1: "I gave my girl a flash bang last night."
Guy 2: "How did that go."
Guy 1: "Allow me to answer that with a question. Can I sleep at your place?"
Note: Will usually end with one angry girl.
by Gamer117 December 11, 2009
Cum shot to the eye, temporary blinding the foe. Super effective!
I had sex with Caroline and finished her with a flashbang. She was blinded by the hot flashbang
by Mr.Sex February 12, 2014

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