to have sex at the "speed of light." Almost every time a guy flash bangs a girl, it is known to be a huge disappointment and rumored around the workplace or school for months.
Dude, I was so embarrassed when I flash banged her.
I'll be over in a minute when I'm done flash banging this chick.
How come I always flashbang my girl?
He always flash bangs me!
by Pajamas Jaglimarmo November 16, 2014
To have sex in a room of strobe lights
Girlfriend: Babe what's your biggest fantasy
Boyfriend: To flash bang
by Tyrone Chicken Strips 69 August 23, 2012
Slang for a one night stand that starts and ends while it's still dark out.
I met this hot broad at a bar. Within ten minutes, we were back at my place, passing the gravy. Her clothes barely hit the floor before we were done and she was back out the door. Now that's what we call a flash-bang.
by dutch rutter December 31, 2011
a brief and or quick sexual encounter; quickie
i can't talk right now, i'm in the middle of flash-bang.
by greenday13 June 17, 2011
-verb. When you are blind to the fact that a female is, in fact, a grenade and deaf to your friends telling you she is.
Conor, that 'nade is flash banging the shit out of you. Stop dancing with her!
No Bro. She's Hot.
Yeah bro I lied. Tap it like an iPod... You poor, poor ginger...
by AugieDoggie9 February 23, 2011
REALLY quick, "mmm...mmm...okay were done"
The kids were home, so Mom and Dad had to have a flashbang
by ablindguy September 13, 2009
After a long session of flirting and playing around when "blue balling" occurs you proceed to walk into the bathrooom and release the massive load of backed up semen into some toilet paper. When the pain has been releived you now proceed to sprint full force back into the room performing a baseball slide into the bed launching the semen covered toilet paper into the whores face.
Tom: Yo man how was that girl last night?
Victor: Bro she blue balled the shit out of me.
Tom: Haha, did you do anything about it?
Victor: Yea bro I flashbanged the shit out of that whore and her slutty roomate.
Tom: Damn, I was wondering what that flash was next door.
Victor: Yea that bitch got it good, UAV ONLINE.

by 4-i Freedom April 08, 2008

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