Someone who when playing a dice game, does not role the dice all the way, and just smacks the dice down in the palm of his or her hand. Thus ruining the game. After one flapjacks it is socially unacceptable to ask for a do over.


"Yo mother fucker you flapjack more then an international house of pancakes."

"*dice roll* "Oh shit I flapjacked can I do over?"
by syntrus November 18, 2009
Top Definition
low hanging, flat breasts resembling pancakes.
When I was feeling up your grandma, I realized she had mad flapjacks.
by Copie Boy November 06, 2002
Flapjacks are the condition of a woman having flat sagging breasts, like flapjacks. The type a crack whore would have.
Tammy does not want to show us her breasts, she must have flapjacks!
by Rocco1 December 07, 2003
a very saggy, flat looking breast.
she must in her 40's, look at the flapjacks on her.
by sick December 14, 2003
breasts that are unatractive in any way, be they saggy, miscolored, wrinkled, or pancake like in nature.
that chik's tits were no good, she was working with some flap jacks.

flap jacks, jacks flapped
by HL Deez February 17, 2005
noun; a handjob given to a man with a flaccid, flopping penis;
Even though I was not fully hard, I still got a rocking flapjack.
Last night this girl was flapjacking me for like 20 minutes.
I got flapjacked by this fat chick in the car last night.
by Dan and Andrew December 21, 2008
The female equivalent of being cockblocked. The disruption of a sure thing.
I was going to fuck the cute construction guy, but I got flapjacked at the last minute.
by Krudler123 September 03, 2012
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