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combination of a cape and flag made popular in portland, oregon in mid-2010
bro, where'd you get that sweet american flape?
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verb: (fl-AEP)
To grab, twist and pull something, mainly used when grabbing another person's nose. You grab, twist, then pull their nose. Or, you flaped their nose.
Sharquisha: Hey dude, I'm going to flape you in the nose.
Friend: No! My nose is very sensitive to grabbing, twisting, then pulling.
by Billboard Baggins January 30, 2014
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1. (verb) to flirt aggressively and physically.

2. (noun) the act of flaping

ex) extreme tickling/poking, slapping in the arm, smacking really hard on the butt

see also reverse flape-ology
James continuously flaped Katie while everyone was hanging out. Katie thought James was just teasing, but everyone realized that they were witnessing an act of flape.
by YoTsup April 09, 2010
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