A code name for the dankiest buddah herbs on the streets.
Who Got The Flan?
by REAKSTER;ERKREW January 08, 2009
Top Definition
Light desert that everyone eats.
Everyone likes flan.
by Gumba Gumba May 30, 2004
John Flansburgh, one half of They Might Be Giants. Distinguished by the fact that he plays guitar, but he also writes songs, sings, and directs videos on the side. Is the "showman" of the band, and is generally considered the more outgoing and friendly half.
"I'm more of a Flans-fan than a Linnell-fan, myself."
by fanoflans March 22, 2004
meaning cool or sweet
That new ride is flan!
by BS May 13, 2004
A rather flexible title available whenever it takes your fancy. Can be used as a positive or a negative. Most commonly used as an endearing title for friends or when someone does something stupid.
Can also be used casually in day to day conversations.
"Wow flan. That was freaking retarded."

"Aw flan, you're the best:)"

"Hey flan."
by raveeki January 09, 2008
Derived from the Hispanic dessert served throughout the southwest, flan is sexual slang for a near-vanilla person. As you can be straight without being narrow-minded, you can be flan but not vanilla. The BDSM / fetish / leather world has often used vanilla to define someone who is not into any kind of kink. Often it has a negative connotation, so flan is a positive word for the same thing. They may like conventional sex themselves, but they support your right to enjoy yourself in a safe, sane, consensual manner.
Several people brought flan significant others to the BDSM-munch at the nice restaurant.
by squidgete June 22, 2011
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