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slang for marijuana. used to draw parallel between the buddah's state of nirvana and that cool, laid back feeling you get when you smoke a fat bowl.
"yo, wanna smoke some buddah son?"
by G July 21, 2003
481 93
Weed. Pot. Endo. Chronic.
Yo.. where da buddah at?
by anonymous August 01, 2003
212 101
weed, chronic, cannabis
'You got soem buddah to smoke?'
by Ivan December 25, 2002
136 68
(n) See marijuana.
"I'm an addict for sneakers, 20's of buddah and bitches with beepers" -- NAS (New York state of mind 1994).
by halla November 14, 2003
107 44
Urban slang for marijuana. May also be spelled buddha.
He's selling buddah if he's got plenty of money. (lyric from Salt 'N Pepa's '93 song Heaven Or Hell)
by GuidoPosse69 February 02, 2005
98 49
weed, pot, reefer, wacky tobacky, herb. something you smoke to make you feel good....
hey dogg! break out the buddah so we can get lifted!
by 420freak February 25, 2005
68 42
daa remedy to life ;)
wat up with da buddah?
by ms. irie<3 January 23, 2009
31 21