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What I am now and you probarbly are if you typed this
Wooooooooo man im stoned, oh hang on im just pissed
by Steveo March 19, 2005
it's all gone to hell / everything's gone wrong / all's gone wrong / See movie IT'S ALL GONE PETE TONG
Once the new DJ showed up it all went pete tong
by Steveo March 04, 2005
The study of sex and all things related, from spelling of key terms to perfecting the act itself.
"Hey, Jill. Will you help me with my sexology homework?"
"OK, but it will cost you $75 an hour."
by steveo November 04, 2004
meaning being a bitch: not leting poeple barrow something if they are ask for something
stop being a stingy jew let me barrow that game
by steveo December 15, 2004
One who pilots the cock, aka a homosexual. Derogatory term
That guy is such a cockpilot
by Steveo February 13, 2005
self explanatory
a person anally rapes goats
by steveo February 24, 2004
to fornicate, or to have sex...
I walked in and Ted and Lisa were throwing pokes...

Dude, do you mind if i throw pokes in your mom's bed?

I threw the pokes on that chic last semester..
by steveO April 12, 2005
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