Fucking Liberal Arts Major
"Look at those kids playing frisbee on the quad during finals week!"

"Goddamn FLAMs."
by employedaftercollege August 23, 2011
Short for flamboyant.

Used in context to describe things as happy/colorful/awesome.
I'm gonna get effed up tonight & flam the f*ck out.
by Jo-Messica October 13, 2010
FLAM - Failure to Launch At Manhood
A FLAM is an adult male who is still living with parents way after it is approprate.

Soursed from:
1. Flailure to Launch movie by the same name - 2006 staring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker
2. Flam - n. freak; faulsehood, delude; impose upon - Collins English Dictionary Last reprint 1960

Inspired by :
1. Girly Saturday night at home (morgage in our own name)
2. 20+ cigarettes
3. BIG bar of chocolate
4. Gloria Gaynor - I will survive'

I hope for your sake you never get emotionaly attached to a FLAM
FLAM Example: most straight, single 25-30 year old males in Brisbane Queensland. If you need to speak to a flam - ring his mum.
by Johanna Hellyer January 02, 2008
An acronym for Funny Like A Moose, often used online in AIM and IRC chats.
Oh em gee!!111one11!!eleven!!! THATS SO FUNNY !!11!! FLAM!
by kdepa August 26, 2006
another word for a chickenhead chick.
Cuz that's a lil Flam over there.
by Yella Boi August 23, 2008
Short for flamboyant. Origianted in times of angst from political correctness, it is used to differentiate which homosexuals are actually gaywads. You know, the fairy kind. One can also be a flam without actually partaking in any homsexual activities, but most experts agree that any flam would readily engage in said queer actions.
1)noun: Check out that flam heading into the Gap, he has a tattoo right over his asscrack. Yuck.
2)adj: You know why that guy has so many chick friends, because he's flamish. They dig the flamish ones because they're great shoppers.
by Stallis' Finest December 21, 2004
a short cumming spree
only in the best of orgasms is a flam used
normally ends up with one person blind or deaf and with a soda can in the rump
tess took a flam from four guys
by trannysurprize.com March 13, 2005

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