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A confusing/disappointing person whom you have misjudged as a reliable, caring friend. She can call and talk for hours about herself but the minute you speak of yourself she has to get off the phone. She asks for favors and, even if you set parameters to which she agrees at first and promises she'll abide by them, she'll use them later to excuse herself from the scheduled activity. She'll pick your brain and take the credit for your originality. She will amplify her competence. She will lie to avoid confrontation and make herself the victim when confronted. In order to quit being disappointed, I never make any plans again with the Flake.
Flake: Would you come over and help me with my riding?
Me: Okay but I will need a ride there and home.
Flake: Sure, no problem.
Me: Okay, see you tomorrow at ten.
Tomorrow at ten comes and goes. She texts me five hours later saying she had to go to the dentist. In the meantime your other friend calls to say she went riding with the Flake during the time the Flake was supposed to be at the dentist.
by christy2011 April 27, 2011

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