Any person that lives and boulders in the quaint little town of Flagstaff, Arizona.
That BK has to be the biggest Flaggot I know.
by bolder December 11, 2006
The lone single-soldiers with banner or weapon in High School, not marching the same, who join as a stronger acceptance as armor brigade of this once ugly name.
Faggot?!? NO,'s FLAGGOT! You missssed the big, pink, ssswoopy-ssswirly "L" way up front, sssilly! Flag-hating breedersss, I ssswear!
by Tresss March 22, 2007
Post-9/11 motorists who fly the American flag from their automobiles
"Look, hon, lots of flaggots on the turnpike today"
by Monk Eastman Delaney April 28, 2003
A person who wraps misguided patriotism around the war in Iraq.
"You flaggots will accuse anyone who is against the war as being unpatriotic."
by J.Man August 16, 2005
Post 9/11 Americans who adorn their vehicles with Old Glory
"Look at all the flaggots goin down the shore this weekend"
by fla-guts April 29, 2003
A flaming Faggot who likes mexicans who give the flaggot a dirty sanchez and then a boston pancake, then a dirty gaspump and then an alaskan pipeline
Cameron Oneill is a flaggot who likes to sex with underage retards and Tyler Osbourne(Cheeseburger Walrus)
by NT3000 November 19, 2007
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