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n. person who flags postings as inappropriate on Craigslist or in other online forums, despite the fact that said postings do not violate the forum's terms of use; person who would rather censor an opposing viewpoint than have to present his/her own case convincingly.
Stop flagging my posts of Planned Parenthood's hotline, you flaggot!
by ecce cattus December 06, 2006
Someone who goes around flagging (reporting by pressing the flag button) videos on Youtube either

A) Just to be an asshole, or

B) Because they can't handle a small amount of innuendo/slightly suggestive material in a video.
Those fucking flaggots flagged my videos for no damn reason. Now I'm suspended from Youtube. Thanks, flaggots.
by AnimeGirl-Nikki August 31, 2010
A participant in Friends of Lesbians and Gays. A sympathizer and apologist for those who blatantly DO gay rather than choose to simply BE gay. Usually a group of flaming queens, diesel dykes, fag hags and other hand-wringers who gather to celebrate the latest gay bashing victim.
The Flaggots have taken their agenda to the public schools in order to gain some level of acceptance by the heterosexual kids who will never get on board, or to entice the fence-sitters who are too scared to act on their impulses.
by Frediam October 14, 2011
A male participant in the marching band sport- "colorguard"
Dude, check out the flag girls and that flaggot.
by emilyy February 16, 2005
Somebody who watches a video on Youtube and flags every comment for spam.
slowbutterlol is a flaggot.
by mrshankoknahsrmrshanko August 17, 2010
A homosexual male member of color and/or winterguard. A flaggot is one who dabbles in the art of flag twirling, yet also dabbles in the art of pitching/catching.
Look at Timmy drop that flag! Whadda flaggot!
by Weatherluvr November 11, 2009
Someone who drives around with obnoxious flags attached to their car windows during the world cup.

Not only do these flags scream, "I'm only patriotic once every 4 years!" but they also increase drag, making it more expensive to get from A to B.

A portmanteau of 'flag' and 'faggot'.
Guy #1: Those stupid car flags are so pointless, all they do is look dumb and increase your petrol bill.
Guy #2: Yeah, what a flaggot.
by Oletha June 26, 2010
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