An individual who collects flags. A flag collector.
bender183 really loves to collect flags, I think he might be a flaggot.
by w00tangKlan February 15, 2009
a mean name for someone who is a member of color guard. yeah, COLOR GUARD MEMBERS, not flaggots.

don't ever call someone a flaggot, because they work their asses off for 9, sometimes 11 hours a day, just to make the fucking show look more interesting. without color guard, you'd have nothing to look at.
omg that flaggot totally just missed her spot. what a stupid, like, flaggot and stuff. ya know?
by FxHxSxCxG August 04, 2006
A derogatory term for a native from Florida. It is the combination of the words florida and faggot. Usually a male wearing a tight shirt, feminine sunglasses, and a colorful flat lid.
That flaggot on the elevator thought he was hot shit, even though I would wreck his shit.

Look at that flaggot.

If that flaggot went to a big city looking like that he'd get jumped.
by flaggothatter10 April 12, 2009
the cross of flamer and faggot. Some small kid that thinks he can knock you out but in reality is a bitch and would get fucked up.
someone who is 5 foot 7 and who's weight is 115 pounds.

troy- "i will knock your ass out"

Me-"troy your a flaggot"
by d.barton February 27, 2008
A person that brings a PVP status into a World of Warcraft PVE raid, so that when the buffs are done, they pass around their PVP status, aka Raid Aids.

Goddamn it, who just gave me raid aids. Who is the flaggot in the raid tonight?
by Omatre February 21, 2008
a person or persons who run to the middle of the eye of the storm battleground in world of warcraft to get the flag cap first.
"im going fel reaver you go bloodelf tower, omg did he just got to the middle what a flaggot.
by infinitygreen December 21, 2007
Any person that lives and boulders in the quaint little town of Flagstaff, Arizona.
That BK has to be the biggest Flaggot I know.
by bolder December 11, 2006

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