feeling a sense of anger that you cannot put into words because you also have feelings of numbness at the same time. You also feel disapointed.
I was so flabergasted after my boyfriend broke up with me I couldnt move; I sunk down in my chair and just stayed still thinking.
by Bruiser is Airbourne December 30, 2007
Top Definition
"blown away" or "shocked"
I was flabergasted at the way she used her DSL in the middle of class
by Frogger October 28, 2003
This is one of many ways for dumb fucks to misspell "flabbergasted". lmao.
I went ta comunity colege cuz I can spel flabergasted, don't tell meh its flabbergasted hahaha.
by sarcasticFucker March 27, 2008
To be dazed and confused
Mike Stanton, of the New York Mets, was flabergasted when he found out that Rey Sanchez was getting a hair cut in the middle of a game.
by Mike MacD May 29, 2003
To be butchered by your laundry lady
Holy shit man mike got flabergasted yesterday by yolanda
by Juan April 03, 2004
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