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A word formed by combining "Otaku" and "Convention". Dr. Hal Emmerich, the engineer who was the team leader in the Metal Gear Rex project, uses this word as his nickname.
Call me Otacon.
by FROGGER June 17, 2003
"blown away" or "shocked"
I was flabergasted at the way she used her DSL in the middle of class
by Frogger October 28, 2003
An autistic boy's stuffed green frog by the name of 'Hopkins' (thats the name McDonalds gave it when they included stuffed toys with Kids Meal advertising Animal Alley) that supposedly run away.
Rumor has it he just lost the frog. Anyway, soon after he was posting drawn signs that look like a kid drew it. An internet site , lostfrog.org, is a tribute to this autistic 16 year old's frog. Its kinda dumb though.
Him name is Hopkin Green Frog. If I Looking for frog, I'd find my frog. Who took my frog? Who Found my frog? - You could tell right off he sounded autisitic! *Love Terry*
by Frogger May 02, 2005
A person who is obsessed with Insaniquarium
I am a InsaniFanatic; I play Insaniquarium all day long
by Frogger April 26, 2005
A jock who is also very geeky.
"OMG! He is so jeeky! He's the captain of the football team yet he plays yugioh."
by FrOgGeR February 21, 2014
The name Strong Sad gave to the pain in his knee after Strong Mad punched it after Strong Sad told Strong Bad that his punch didn't hurt enough.
by frogger August 16, 2003
ting a lack of wisdom or good sense; foolish
Nikki is sure xilly today.
by Frogger March 28, 2005
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