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It describes something that is frog-like
That fat ribbiting green bitch is mad fjiod
by rathawk January 31, 2005
1. Similar to a frog in some way

2. A bizarre mentally disturbed Middle Eastern person in High School
1. If that dude was any more fjiod he would be a mother fuckin frog!

2. Me- "Yo I heard fjiod is gonna bring a chainsaw!"
Fjiod- "Kill da gay people!! ahahahahaha"
by Ribbitman January 31, 2005
1. A Middle Eastern person in need of great help who speaks in short choppy sentances.
2. Frog-like
1. Me- "Dude im not gay or anything but you gotta outgrow youre obsession with killin them"
Fjiod- "Excuse me, would you like a bitch?"

2. Damn that crunk shit be fjiod
by McJesus February 06, 2005