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1. Similar to a frog in some way

2. A bizarre mentally disturbed Middle Eastern person in High School
1. If that dude was any more fjiod he would be a mother fuckin frog!

2. Me- "Yo I heard fjiod is gonna bring a chainsaw!"
Fjiod- "Kill da gay people!! ahahahahaha"
by Ribbitman January 31, 2005
1. A complement; positive thing

2. The new Mcdonalds product consisting of a large veggie burger, fried cow, and a jesus action figure toy to make the kiddies happy.
1. I won a million dollars!! Thats so fukin McJesus!!!

2. Yo, you wanna go get a McJesus, I'm mad hungry. Plus I could give the toy to Fjiod.
by RibbitMan February 06, 2005
A form of music. It combines metal, alternative, hip-hop, and various other things to create what is in large part talentless garbage. With the exceptions of a few decent listenable bands(Deftones, Korn, Chevelle, System of a Down, Slipknot) is pretty much complete shit. 99% of these bands put too much effort into their look, repetitive angsty lyrics that have no substance, talentless dropped-D,Db,C,etc tunings, shit drumming, turntables, rapping, and being accepted with the norm. These bands also have talentless guitar parts which if listened to more than twice could actually destroy nerves in your brain. The few good bands in this genre defy some of the rules of numetal and aviod sounding like everyone else. However others are repetitive, sound like everyone else, and basically can corrupt your soul. The people who listen to it are mainly kids who live life fine yet act pissed off and "relate to" the garbage lyrics of it(which all sound the same and are all about hating people for some stupid reason). They buy chains and clothes from Hot Topic, and aviod true metal at all costs, believing that they are "hardcore" by listening to dumbass Disturbed-like bands. While true metalheads listen to actual talent(Slayer, 80's Metallica possibly including the Black Album and less likely including Load+ReLoad, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Dream Theater, Pantera, all bands with great talent and unique qualities). While some numetal is decent, possibly even good material, it cannot be taken extremely seriously or the evil of the bad numetal might take your innocent life.
Dumbass: What kind of music you listen to?
Me: Mostly Metal, but I like Rock too.
Dumbass: Yea Metal is great, i listen to Korn, Slipknot and Disturbed.
Me: They are numetal you know, although Korn and Slipknot are alright
Dumbass: Yea its so heavy and they are so great and talented
Me: Listen to a fuckin Pantera record retard.
by Ribbitman January 31, 2005
1. Very Good

2. Something Jesus Related, frog like, super cool on a Mcdonalds Cracker
1. god granted me three wishes and i flew away w. a flock of doves! I had sex with a McDonalds Mascot on Camera! Thats mcsupercoojiodus on a cracker!

2. Mcdonalds gave me a Jesus action figure and i put it on on a McCracker, and i put my super cool Fjiod thing on it, so its mcsupercoojiodus on a cracker
by RibbitMan February 06, 2005
1. A homosexual thing which is not frog like that is sitting on a chair with mental problems

2. Very Bad
1. Al Sharpton is homoantijiod on a mentally disturbed chair.

2. Al Sharpton is homoantijiod on a mentally disturbed chair
by RibbitMan February 06, 2005

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