Temper tantrum, hissy fit, sudden burst of anger.
No further explanation
by Saints October 05, 2003
1. British slang meaning hot, sexy, or attractive

2. American slang meaning healthy, ripped, toned, sometimes muscular
1. Bloody hell that girl is proper fit!

2. Woah dude, that guy is fit! His muscles are ripped!
by fitgal January 17, 2012
Short for "Counterfeit", term "Fit" is only used for counterfeit money that sells for less than the legal value it resembles. Fits are also known for great quality, but just a bit lower than the actual authentic bill that money is made of. And is used to actually purchase things.
Dude i needa buy me one of em gucci bags for my boo, cost around $250, link me fits to buy 6 of em. I'll pay the producer after i sell em and link one to my boo, seen?
by Playground Legends March 21, 2009
"Fit" means "what" in Aberdonian in north east Scotland its also a describing word for somone that is hot or sexy.
Someone says: Gregs Mum is a babe!
Greg says: fit ya' on aboot?

"Wow your sister is fit"
by Joe Grant April 08, 2008
Extremely good looking, synonymous with "hot" and "sexy". British slang, generally unused within the US or other parts of the world.
Imogen Anna Brown is fit.
by Krydel October 17, 2009
Freak In The Sheets. An acronym to describe a girl or boy who is freaky in the bedroom.
You can tell he is a fits
by Missfitzz June 21, 2010
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