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The term applied to the sexual organs of a shemale.
vagina + penis = vagenis
by superdew October 12, 2004
A term that states whether something is cool or not.
Can be used as: That is Fhizz, Fhizzn, Fhizzing, or that has Fhizz. To be used in negative terms it would be something like, that's not Fhizz, it doesnt have any Fhizz, or that Fhizz is dull.
by SuperDew October 14, 2004
A slang term for BurgerKing.
"Who needs Mickey'Ds when you can get B-King!"
by SuperDew October 14, 2004
Is also a statment that is said when it's allllllll GOOD!
(whats her face) said she would go out with me, I got an A on my test, and my parents are buying me a car. (sigh) Marshmallow!
by SuperDew October 15, 2004
Actually, it's the opposite of shart. You think you have to take a shit, but instead it's just a fart.
Here I sit all broken hearted.
Came to shit, but only farted.
by SuperDew October 14, 2004

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