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Acronym for Fucking Illinois Bastard

Used in the Great Lakes states (except Illinois) to refer to an obnoxious tourist from Illinois, especially from Chicago. See also fish and noiser.
I don't want to go to that bar tonight. Its Memorial Day weekend and the place will be overrun with fibs.
#fib #fish #noiser #touron #illinois
by zozman June 18, 2006
Derogatory term for any person from Illinois but used especially to describe those percieved as loud or obnoxious. See also fish and fib
I'd like to go down to Chicago to watch the Packers-Bears game, but I can't stand the though of sitting with all those noisers.
#fib #fish #noiser #illinois #touron #a-hole #asshole
by zozman June 18, 2006
Acronym for Fucking Illinois Shit Head.

Used in the Great Lakes states (other than Illinois) to describe obnoxious tourists from Illinois, especialy from Chicago. The term is espcecially common in Door County, Wisconsin. See also fib and noiser
That idiot in the car in front of us with the Illinois plates just cut me off and started driving 10 MPH to look at the damn goats on the roof. Stupid fish.
#fib #fish #noiser #touron #illinois #tourist
by zozman June 18, 2006
A strategy used in the card game Sheepshead, wherein a person will play a high point value card in a situation where his or her partner is likely to take the trick.
After my partner played the big black I threw the ace of diamonds out there as schmear.
#sheepshead #cards #points #strategy #gambling #games #trump #fail
by zozman June 19, 2006
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