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nine gallon cask. A barrel is a thirty six gallon cask, although that term has gained curreny for any size of comercial beer cask or keg.
can i have two firkins of bass this week please (brewery-ha! would be nice!)
by toymi69 May 29, 2008
Great irish-punk band from Hungary.
The madly hopping flautist, PJ pulled up a brand new group called Firkin in the summer of 2008. The band injects unadulterated, energetic Irish punk into the veins of the present day musical circulation.
"When Firkin blasts into the strings, the spark of Celtic party cracks. The audience leaves the ground again and again. 100 times, 1000 times. Sounds good? It will!! Fire!" (Unit Magazine)
by mikepool June 15, 2009
Touching lower genitals - constantly.
Neel, stop firkin yourself!
by pinkbubblegumchick May 02, 2009
A wooden vessel used to store butter or lard
Josh put the firkin in the storage room
by Kiegan Booth May 31, 2008
Something unspeakable you perform with your unmentionables.
Professor Hill caught Jennings having a quick firkin in the lavotories and nearly ended himself on the spot.
by spud July 22, 2003
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