a person with natural red hair. red hair, means red eyebrows, and rd moustache... soooo they have red pubic hair. which resembles fire, hense fire-crotch. also referred to as gingers.
"That chick had a crazy firecrotch. when i saw her naked, i ran for the fire extinguisher."
by d'KIID November 29, 2009
Occurs when a person applies fire to a crotch

Also the crotch of a redheaded person.
my crotch is on fire, i am a fire crotch, which way to the pool?
by Bob Wehadababy-Itsaboy February 21, 2010
Sex move where one gets some sort of spice residue in their mouth (tobasco, pepper, hot sauce, etc.) and give a blow-job. Bonus points if you get the spice in the penis hole.
Brandon was in pain after receiving head from this biotch because she pulled off the fire crotch with jalapeno residue.
by SnakeBiter October 12, 2009
A person with a large flaming bush in their pants.
Meghan Adkins has a firecrotch.
by Negroho March 31, 2009
A kid with red pubic hairs.
Bj Darling has a raging fire crotch.
by Liacos4ever July 02, 2009
One who is a natural red head, has red freckles, blue eyes, and a flaming red bush in their pants.
Girl One: "d000d! did you SEE Kirsten?!"

Girl Two: "Yeah! She's a firecrotch FO' SHO'"

Girl Three: "More like a FIRE HAZARD."
by K4Y-D4W6 May 16, 2009
Some who has a facial expression as if their crotch is on fire.
Look at Mrs. Cook, she looks like a firecrotch.
by cstinap October 24, 2009
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