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a totally rad girl who is smart, funny, athletic,amazingly beautiful, and usualy short. has a kickin bod, especialy the booty. despite this and her association with the poulars she is yet to have a bf because of her massive inteligence, wich is intimidating to the opposite sex. this girl is sweet, pretty, careing and a christianwith astrong sense of individuality and a love for alternitive music. she is curently hangin w her buds somewhere waiting for someone (other than a nerd or goth ) to ask her out.
Patrick- well I think McKenna's totaly hot but her smart make me scared:/
Jordan- me too!
by hahaimwaiting;) September 22, 2008
Usually a name for a person that is a walking Goddess. Gorgeous to the maximum, really fun to talk to, hilarious, loyal, sporty, easy to befriend, and she's herself all the time. Doesn't try to impress anyone, and hates when people try to impress her. McKenna's are usually some-what short, and tend to be clumsy, but that's why everyone loves her so much! Doesn't like sharing her problems with anyone, she'd rather just keep quiet about it. She can brighten anyone's day with her presence.
Have you seen a girl like mckenna lately?
NOPE! she's one of a kind.
by loveyoubabyxxxo July 11, 2010
The boy's and girl's name McKenna \m(c)-kenna, mck(en)-na\ is pronounced ma-KEN-ah. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "ascend". From the Gaelic word "eirghe". Popular use of this surname as a given name is influenced by the similar use of McKenzie. It's a rare female first name, but the ones who hold it are beautiful and humble.

"top of the morning, Mrs. McKenna"
by JoeMoe10 June 14, 2008
a girl that everyone loves and is determined to find someone who is perfect for her. Once she does she won't let go. She is beautiful nice and always compliments people.She is very awkward but its cute. Everyone wants to be with McKenna but she is always taken by the one girl (or guy) she loves. She doesn't try to impress anyone and has natural beauty and charm.
Isn't that Mckenna just so damn cute.
by itsjustavoid May 16, 2011
The most amazing friend you could ever have. She is a very loving and funny person. She will never forget you and its hard to forget her. She is beautiful and has a to-die-for personality. She will not give up easily. She loves to laugh and often laughs at pretty much everything. She is shy at first, but very outgoing when in a happy mood. She loves pretty much everyone she meets and always gives people second chances. I could write a whole book about her. She is very kind and playful. Sometimes its hard to put her in a good mood. But at the end of the day, she is the nicest person/friend you will ever meet. (: -Kira, a.k.a. your best friend! (: <3
-I want a friend like Mckenna.
-Totally! She is such an awesome person!
by Kira7489 August 31, 2012
a girl who you should love forever she'll always be faithful and a outgoing girl. she might seem shy at first and unassuming but once you get to know her she'll give you love and lust. mckenna's are really good at sex. sometimes they are skanky.
Jim: have you heard about that girl who went out with joe?

Sam: yeah she's such a mckenna.

Jim: I know I wanna bang her.
by ilybabe12 July 10, 2008
A beautiful girl with a killing body, amazing legs, tight ass, perfect tits, gorgeous face and amazing personality. Everyone she talks to wants to fuck her.
Wow, have you seen McKenna lately?
Yes, she's sooo hot!
by yeahweed January 15, 2010
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